Darlene vazquetelles bio pictureDarlene is a Puerto Rican actress whose career started at an early age in local T.V. shows in her hometown of San Juan, PR. After hosting a live, nightly, variety television show in Miami and obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a Minor in T.V. Production, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career.

Over the past years she has focused on her film career and we can see her in movies such as Kings of South Beach (alongside Donnie Wahlberg A&E) and independent films Shut up and do it, Motel 666, Mi Princesa, Deceived and Pendejo (also starring Danny Trejo; winner of Best American Comedy in the New York City International Film Festival 2012).

She has worked in soap operas General Hospital (ABC), Dueña y Señora and Decisiones (Telemundo). She also hosted, alongside salsa legend Andy Montañez, the travel show Puerto Rico…al Son del Caribe, experience she recalls as one of the best in her years working in the entertainment business.

Darlene is very passionate about her family, culture, values, career and life in general. Aside from acting, she has a passion for writing and you can see it in her blog where we get to know more about this Latina actress who strongly believes in Balance, Love and that Everything Happens for a Reason.

You can follow her on Twitter @darlenevaz